V’Spirit Cruises is proud to welcome you on-board one of its deluxe boats for your dreamlike Cruise in Halong Bay!
The word “V’Spirit” actually means “Vietnamese Spirit”, and our goal is to help you experience that feeling which is part of our daily lives.  The entire length of our country is next to the sea which feeds us, and on which many of us live and work.  Much of our delicious, traditional cuisine is derived from the riches of the sea, and our love of family, friends, and gathering around a good meal shines through in the many tastes of Vietnamese cooking. The unique limestone islands found in Halong Bay, along with the mysterious, and beautiful caves scattered throughout, mirror the beauty, grace, and mystery of our homeland.
With this in mind, our two, newly-built wooden junks are designed in the time-honored traditional style, but with contemporary, deluxe cabins and facilities, including sea-view windows in each cabin, private, modern bathrooms, and a comfortable sun-deck bar. Our cooks will serve you the tastiest traditional Vietnamese foods, and our staff will help you learn about our current lives as well as our ancient history.
Visiting the most famous Vietnamese World Heritage Site with V’Spirit Cruises is bound to be one of the highlights of your travels in Vietnam, thanks to the high quality of our facilities and accommodations, and the excellence of our customer service.

Brief Boat Specifications

Built: 2011 in Halong city
Operating area: IS
Design concept: Vietnamese and traditional wooden style
Length: 23m
Width: 6m
Height: 6m
Deck 1: Guest cabins and kitchen
Dec k 2: Guest cabins + Bar and restaurant
Average cabin size: 16 sqm
Sundeck: Large with tanning chairs
Cabins Facilities: Comfort bedding, Air-con, Private Bath, Hair Dry
Generator: 4.500KVA / Cruising speed: 6 nautical knots per hour

7 (V’Spirit Classic 1) and 9 (V’Spirit Classic 2)

Shuttle Bus service: Daily departure at 8:00-8:30 am from Hanoi with compliment bottle of water on bus
Private Car service: On request
Check in time: 12:00 12:30 noon
Check out time: 09:30 am
Disembark time: 12:30 am
  V’Spirit Classic 1 V’Spirit Classic 2
Total number of Deluxe Cabins: 7 Deluxe Cabins 10 Deluxe Cabins
Passenger Capacity: 14 20

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